Plus Size Doula Connections

My doula mentor recently introduced me to an amazing friend and former client of hers that writes a great blog. Plus Size Mommy Memoirs is all about Jen’s journey through pregnancy, birth, and now motherhood as a full size woman. She is charming and honest in her story. She talks about what a doula brought to her birth again and again. She also focuses on how healing pregnancy and birth can be for trauma and pain around our bodies as women. I personally can attest to this!

Well, now Jen has become an advocate for other full size women venturing into mommy-hood. She is starting a network of doulas that have experience supporting the specific needs of plus size women giving birth and breastfeeding. There are a lot of negative views out there around women and their bodies, but these things can be especially trying for a full size woman while going through pregnancy and then while birthing.

Jen is an amazing woman! I’m so thankful for her excitement and enthusiasm around childbirth!