Lactation teas and cookies!

I am now offering lactation teas and cookies to my services. If you are interested in trying some delicious custom blended teas to support your breastfeeding and milk supply, please contact me. These teas can be custom blended to suit your needs and tastes. 

I will also be offering lactation cookies on a per dozen basis or a weekly subscription. In the new year I will be offering them for sale at some retail establishments in the Denver Metro area. Lactation cookies are a great way to help build and maintain a healthy milk supply. The cookies are baked with organic ingredients that naturally encourage your body to make milk for your baby. Sometimes when you are trying to support your milk supply another tea, tincture, or supplement just sounds so unappealing. Now when does a cookie ever sound unappealing? The cookies currently come in traditional and vegan variations with a gluten free version in the works. 


20 Births Later: My Thoughts on Being a Doula

20 Births Later: My Thoughts on Being a Doula

Reading this reflection on 20 births into The Feminist Breeder’s doula career resonated so deeply with me. I feel like our doula paths have led us to strikingly similar places.

I think the number one takeaway I have from my own 20 births has been <b>Respect Birth</b>. Not <b>Trust Birth</b> like you hear so many people say, but <i>Respect Birth</i>. It seems like a subtle difference, though there have been births I’ve attended that have taught me that birth can take twists and turns along the journey that we cannot anticipate and must always respect.

I look forward to the next 20 births of my doula career and all of the many lessons to be learned!