Bottled Up!

This short video is amazing to share with those in your life who are unclear on the benefits of breastfeeding, think it is weird you want to breastfeed your baby, or even those who share a passion for breastfeeding awareness.

Alanis Morrisette is featured and she has the best quote…

“I feel powerful. And when I don’t feel powerful, I feel human.”

That so beautifully sums up my own experience as a mother. I feel empowered by my ability to grow a human and feed a human. When I don’t feel empowered by that, on the hard days, I take some solace and even joy in the humanity of it. The pure humanity of mothering is quite a beautiful thing. One of the most basic things we can do and also one of the most challenging.

Today I reminded an expectant mama that the day she goes into labor that she will be in the company of millions of women laboring at that same moment. Birth is so basic. It is how we all arrive on this earth. Basic, but never mundane or ordinary. Our births are powerful journeys that teach us how to be a mother to our child. If we listen to our bodies and trust them, they are great teachers!

Our births can make us feel powerful.

They are also what make us undeniably human. And that is beautiful.


Higher Love

This lovely birth story was shared on Birth Without Fear and really highlights the difference a doula can make for someone during their labor.

“The pain was getting worse and I remember feeling my contractions start to change from pain to the need to push. I cried out and told Patti I was scared, I told her I didn’t want to do this. I felt a burning sensation and I remember thinking I was tearing. I kept resisting each contraction. I didn’t want it to hurt me. I kept thinking of how I had a episiotomy with my older daughter. I told myself I couldn’t do this. I kept letting the negative thoughts in. Patti (the doula) looked at me as if sensing what I was thinking and told me “You are not tearing, your body is getting ready to push the baby out. If you feel ready to push start pushing. Listen to your body.” I needed to hear those words.

I went from feeling fear to empowered. I was about to have my baby. With each push I was getting closer to meeting my daughter. The last two pushes I cried out, not in pain but rather as almost a war cry. I felt her head and knew I could push her out with the next one, and I did. As soon as she was out the pain was gone. They placed her on my chest and before I even looked her in the eyes I wept. I was so overcome with love I had never experienced anything like this in my whole life. I looked down at her sweet face, I heard my husband and mom crying. I felt so loved and I felt such love. She was beautiful, she was mine. This experience was mine and I did it, I was so proud, I was so humbled.”

Upcoming classes at The Mother’hood and 27 Social Centre

A new month has arrived and with it comes new classes and events at both The Mother’hood and 27 Social Centre! I hope that you will find the time to join me for these wonderful community offerings.

02/08/2013 – Placenta Encapsulation Info Night at The Mother’hood

Come join me for an informational evening on the benefits of placenta encapsulation! Have you been curious about what placenta capsules can do for you postpartum but are having some trouble getting past the the ick-factor? Are you wondering if it is safe, how it is done, why would you do it, and how to get it home from your birthing location? Then come demystify this beneficial practice, have a chance to ask your many questions, and learn all there is to know about it! This event is one and a half hours long and is free for all to attend.

02/16/2013 – Baby Wearing 101 (every 3rd Saturday of the month) at The Mother’hood

12:30-2:00 PM

This one and a half hour class will cover all the basics on why baby wearing is important, which carrier is best for you and it will give you the opportunity to try several different carriers and slings. Perfect for expecting and new parents with babes in arms. This class is $15 for a single or $20 per couple. If you purchase a carrier the same day as the class you can apply the cost of the class towards the carrier!

02/16/2013 – Doulas in the ‘hood: Tips and Tricks from the Doula Bag for Parents! (every 3rd Saturday of the month)


The Mother’hood is pleased to partner with doulas from the Denver area to bring you a free afternoon of labor tips and tricks. This monthly event is a wonderful way to learn some new things to add to your own labor coping plan, find out what a doula can add to your birthing experience, as well as meet doulas that are available to serve you and your family. This event is welcome to all expectant parents and is free to attend. If you don’t meet the perfect doula for your upcoming birth, you still have some great takeaways to bring home with you!

(This event is not a childbirth education class, but rather an opportunity to meet and greet with doulas as well as learn a little bit more about how to cope with your labor.)

02/18/2013 – Colorado Crunchies Meet-up / Fort Collins – Starting Solids Discussion


This is a private meet-up for the Colorado Crunchies Facebook group. If you are interested in joining the group and coming for this meet-up and discussion on starting solids, please contact their group moderators.

02/23/2013 – Kids & Family Yoga at 27 Social Centre


This class is a free yoga class for children ages 2-10 and their caregivers. It is a community oriented class that is an introduction to the principals and foundations of yoga to young people. Consider the floor one big yoga mat and take the opportunity to explore the amazing things your body can do along with your children. There is no charge, but donations are always welcome. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one and a water bottle. There will be limited community mats available.

02/25/2013 – Thinking About Having a Baby 101 at 27 Social Centre / Denver Community Health Collective

Have you thought about having a baby, but the whole thing seems kind of scary? Has anyone in your community been considering starting a family? This event is geared especially towards all those big questions that loom around fertility, birthing options, fostering, adoption, donors, pregnancy, breastfeeding, co-parenting, natural family living, and how the heck a baby fits into your life!

Josie Shapiro is a labor doula, mama to three children, co-parent in a blended family, raising her babies in a radical collective, and has been a listening ear to her community around issues surrounding family for the last nine years. She will give a brief presentation and provide lots of space for questions. There will be resources available for those starting their journey towards parenting and those supporting others in that journey. This event is welcoming to folks from all backgrounds and identities.