Bottled Up!

This short video is amazing to share with those in your life who are unclear on the benefits of breastfeeding, think it is weird you want to breastfeed your baby, or even those who share a passion for breastfeeding awareness.

Alanis Morrisette is featured and she has the best quote…

“I feel powerful. And when I don’t feel powerful, I feel human.”

That so beautifully sums up my own experience as a mother. I feel empowered by my ability to grow a human and feed a human. When I don’t feel empowered by that, on the hard days, I take some solace and even joy in the humanity of it. The pure humanity of mothering is quite a beautiful thing. One of the most basic things we can do and also one of the most challenging.

Today I reminded an expectant mama that the day she goes into labor that she will be in the company of millions of women laboring at that same moment. Birth is so basic. It is how we all arrive on this earth. Basic, but never mundane or ordinary. Our births are powerful journeys that teach us how to be a mother to our child. If we listen to our bodies and trust them, they are great teachers!

Our births can make us feel powerful.

They are also what make us undeniably human. And that is beautiful.


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