Rock Your VBAC Classes Start in August!

rockyrvbacI have been working diligently and passionately on this project for months and am thrilled to finally launch it! Starting on Sunday, August 25th I will be offering a childbirth education class specifically designed for the needs of the VBAC pregnancy and birth.

Classes will be held at The Mother’hood in Northwest Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. You can sign up online at

Are you striving towards a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in this pregnancy? This three week series is specifically designed to help you lay your best foundation for a successful birthing experience by meeting the specific needs and concerns of the VBAC mother.
The series is broken down into three two and a half hour classes. This class covers topics such as processing your previous cesarean experience, VBAC statistics and facts, building your support team, how to find supportive care providers, as well as labor coping techniques.
The cost of this class is $250 and includes the book “Cut, Stapled and Mended” by Rosanna Rosewood. There is a registration packet that will need to be completed prior to the first day of class.