October Classes & Events

Toddler Yoga

Every Friday morning at the mama ‘hood at 10:45am.

Share the practice of yoga with your toddler! Toddler Yoga provides an excellent space for the entire family to bond and connect while simultaneously stretching, strengthening, and relaxing your body. Through the practice of yoga, toddlers will naturally develop more inner body awareness and will enjoy having a space to creatively express themselves through movement, breath, an intention. Families will leave with tools to continue the yogic journey off of their mats including songs, seasonal verses, games, affirmations in motion, nursery rhymes, partner poses to practice at home, resting/savasana exercises, and guidance on how to start a home practice that includes the entire family. Share the practice of yoga with your toddler in a fun, playful space and observe how your entire family grows and evolves. This class is tailored for crawlers to age five. Parents/caregivers practice together with their toddler.

Starting Solids – An Introduction to Baby Led Weaning

October 19th at 10:00am at the mama ‘hood.

Starting solids is good, messy, healthy fun! The science and art of starting solids for your baby utilizing baby led weaning practices is very compelling. When babies are allowed to feed themselves they are much better able to self regulate and explore foods in a safe manner. Breastmilk teaches a baby about the flavors of foods the family eats, introducing them to the culture of food in your family before they ever take their first bites. When babies are not force fed, they honor their own satiety and lay the foundation for a lifelong positive relationship to food.  By playing with foods, babies can explore texture, volume and distance. Join us in exploring this ancient introduction to first foods. $12 to drop in, or $55 for a 5 punch card for groups at the mama ‘hood.

Babywearing 101

October 19th at 12:30pm at the mama ‘hood.

This two hour class will cover all the basics on why baby wearing is a valuable practice, what research says about it, which carrier is best for you as well as giving you the opportunity to try several different carriers and slings. Perfect for expecting and new parents with babes in arms. This class is $15 for a single or $20 per couple. If you purchase a carrier the same day as the class you may apply the cost of the class to your carrier purchase.

Doulas in the ‘hood

October 19th at 3:00pm at the mama ‘hood.

The mama ’hood is pleased to partner with doulas from the Denver area to bring you a free afternoon of labor tips and tricks. This monthly event is a wonderful way to learn some new things to add to your own labor coping plan, find out what a doula can add to your birthing experience, as well as meet doulas that are available to serve you and your family. This event is welcome to all expectant parents and is free to attend. If you don’t meet the perfect doula for your upcoming birth, you still have some great takeaways to bring home with you!

(This event is not a childbirth education class, but rather an opportunity to meet and greet with doulas as well as learn a little bit more about how to cope with your labor.)