About Me

2012-09-22_1348331222Hello! My name is Josie Shapiro and I am a CAPPA trained birth doula that is currently working towards certification with Birthing From Within. I have birthed three beautiful children of my own, Micah, Zola and Dalia. It was these experiences with personally transformative birth that have led me to being a doula.

I birthed my own children in a hospital setting, in a birth center, and most recently at home. All of these births gave me personal insight into the ways in which you can achieve the birth that you want regardless of where you are having your baby.

I am also a full time student at Metro State where I am working on a bachelors degree that I have independently designed called Maternal Wellness that focuses on cultural, medical, and social issues surrounding women during the childbearing year. In addition to my work as a doula, I hope to eventually certify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and wish to offer lactation support services to low-income women and families.

This Spring I will be training with Birthing From Within as both a doula and childbirth mentor. This means I will be offering Birthing From Within childbirth classes as well as doula services. This is a very exciting change for me and I am so looking forward to expanding the services that I offer to families in the Denver Metro area!

I am familiar with how to assist and serve you in your birth in hospital, birth center, and home settings. My job is to provide emotional, physical, and informational support during your pregnancy and labor. I am available to help guide you through your decision making process by providing information and emotional support. I have been trained in how to best assist you in the physical aspects of your labor as well. I am knowledgeable about optimal fetal positioning, pain relieving techniques, use of a rebozo in birth, aromatherapy in labor, nurturing touch during labor, breastfeeding, and much more.

In addition to doula services, I offer placenta encapsulation, custom blended lactation teas, and lactation cookies for purchase. Please contact me about these additional services!

You can contact me at:
(303) 641-1881


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