What About Partners?

What does a partner need a doula for?daddoula

A doula does not replace a partner, spouse, or dad at the birth! In fact, I do quite the opposite. I help facilitate the partner in how to best support their loved one who is laboring, create and hold space for the intimate moments between partners to flourish, and provide much needed breaks during long or hard labors.

Having a doula takes the pressure off of the partner to know everything or to “fix,” anything during labor. It can be hard to watch the person you love going through physical and emotional things that may be very difficult or even painful. Having a doula present allows you to do what you do best, LOVE YOUR PARTNER! 

When you have a doula you don’t have to remember every book you read over the last nine months at a moments notice. You don’t have to remember what the right time to do a hip squeeze is. In fact, you don’t even have to remember what a hip squeeze is! A doula remembers that for you and guides you through how to best support your partner as they labor.

Here are some great links on partners and doulas:

Dads and Doulas: Working Together

I Challenge You to a Doula


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