My Doula Philosophy

IMG_1653This is your birth and your journey to meet your baby. My goal as a doula is to support the journey that you choose. This is a sacred and beautiful process in your life and it is a honor to be a part of it.

Because this is your journey, I will work to help you accomplish whatever goals you set forth and help empower you through information, education, and support. Your birth has the potential to be profoundly transformative in your life. It is the right of every person to have the birth that they desire and to make choices that are best for themselves, their baby, and family.

I celebrate families whatever form they take! I believe that a family is defined by the family themselves and it is not defined by sexuality, gender, race, or class. Families that do not fit into preconceived social normatives can greatly benefit from a loving and understanding doula as they navigate the childbearing year.

Everyone has the right to the birth that they desire. Financial restraints should never keep someone from receiving the support that they desire during pregnancy and birth. This is why I provide my services on a sliding scale basis and accept trade or barter. Please contact me and we can discuss these options if needed.


One thought on “My Doula Philosophy

  1. I love the fact that you have a sliding scale, accept trade or barter – such a shame more people don’t think like that over here. I would have loved to have had a Doula but simply couldn’t have afforded it!
    Great to hear.

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