My Services & Fees

Interview Process
During our initial interview we will discuss your desires for your pregnancy and birth. We will also discuss your personal situation and how you see a doula fitting into your vision. This is an excellent opportunity to see if I am a good fit for your needs and desires. There is no obligation to hire me at this time. This is your birth and your journey, so it is best to find a doula that feels right for you!

Prenatal Support
My services include 2-3 prenatal visits at the location of your choice (your home, my home, over a cup of tea) where we will work to develop your birth plan, address any fears or concerns, and work on developing a trusting relationship. If you have a partner or additional support person they are encouraged to be present for these visits.

Prenatal Education
Some parents are just too busy to attend a childbirth class and this is understandable considering the busy lifestyles most of us lead. I am able to provide education as needed and based off of your personal needs and desires. Please ask me about adding an “express,” childbirth preparation course to your services or a refresher for those who have already completed a course in the past.

Phone Support
From the time that you hire me I am available to you for phone, email, and text support during daytime hours. If you have any questions, concerns, or needs you may contact me from 9am to 5pm every day of the week. From 38 weeks until birth I am on call for you 24 hours a day. I will be available for phone calls and ready for your impending birth regardless of the time of day.

Early Labor
Many people prefer to spend early labor at home and with their loved ones. As your doula, I can join you whenever you feel like my support is needed. I can provide helpful ideas and a supportive voice by phone if you prefer during this phase of labor. I can also join you in your home and help to prepare for the birth (calling a caregiver to pick up other children, finishing that last load of laundry, making tea).

Active Labor & Birth
Once you have entered active labor and are at your birthing location I will be with you throughout the entire process regardless of the length of labor. Some birth their baby within a matter of hours and others labor for several days. It is my belief that having a constant calm and supportive presence during birth is something you are entitled to. I will provide you with emotional and physical support throughout the entirety of your labor. I can provide you with massage, help in positioning, emotional support, and a supportive and encouraging presence.

Immediately After Birth
After the birth I will typically stay with you for two hours. I will help you with the initial breastfeeding if you choose to do so, making sure your new family is settled and comfortable, and will then leave you to bond with your newest addition.

Scheduled Cesarean Birth
If you are having a scheduled cesarean birth a doula is still a wonderful asset to you! In the case of scheduled cesarean births I join you in the hospital and will not leave you until you are successfully nursing your baby. In the event that your baby is in the NICU, I will make sure that you have seen pictures and are settled in and resting comfortably. Babies born by cesarean sometimes face more difficulties with breastfeeding. Having a doula to support you through those first nursing sessions is a tremendous help.

I will check in with you by phone in the first few days following the birth. Then at 1-2 weeks postpartum I will come to your home to check in, address any concerns you have regarding your birth, talk about my services and your level of satisfaction, and address any concerns about healing or breastfeeding. I will also provide you with a keepsake record and account of your birth story at this time. I am available on an hourly basis for limited postpartum support for my clients. If you need referrals for extensive postpartum doula support or a lactation consultant I can also provide those.

My Fees
I believe that all people are entitled to the birth that they desire. Financial restraints should not keep a woman from the support she needs and wants during pregnancy and birth. Because of these beliefs I offer a sliding scale on my fees and this can be discussed in our interview.

Sliding scale Doula services and Placenta Encapsulation


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