Tracey Williams on my doula services:
At 37 weeks I realized I needed a doula. Luckily Josie had availability and was able to take me on as a client. She was so reassuring to me in our prenatal meetings and helped to build my confidence in my body to birth my baby. At 41 weeks and 2 days my labor began. Josie was available to me by phone during my early labor and gave me great ideas for that early labor phase. When I was ready for her to come support me in labor she was there within an hour of my call even though it was during rush hour traffic. Instantly I felt a calm when she arrived. Her ability to help me focus my energy was awesome! She also put my husband at ease and helped him with knowing how to best support me.
When my son was born she was able to help us get breastfeeding within minutes of his birth. I am so thankful for all of her help and know that it was her support that enabled me to have the birth that I envisioned. I would definitely recommend her doula services! If you’re thinking about a doula for your birth I would tell you to go ahead and hire one! You won’t regret it! 

Elizabeth Garcia on my placenta encapsulation services:
I had been concerned about postpartum depression and recovery after a difficult time with my first baby. I found Josie’s information while researching placenta encapsulation as a way to prevent postpartum depression. She was able to get my capsules to me quickly after having my baby and I was taking my placenta pills by day three postpartum.
My recovery was much smoother this time and I would definitely recommend Josie’s services to all my friends that are having babies! Josie was also able to thoroughly explain to me the benefits of the pills, how to use them, and also how to take care of myself during my “babymoon.” She was invaluable!

Ami Miller, RN on my doula services:

Josie provided outstanding doula services for our family in June 2011. We immediately felt drawn to her warmth and openness during our introductory visit and were relieved to have found her.
Josie always prioritized our beliefs and hopes for the childbirth experience and helped us to determine a birth plan. Our son made his debut 5 weeks early and most of the labor “hopes,” were no longer valid, but Josie reminded me of the priorities we had talked about.
Josie was by my side during the entire labor and delivery and allowed for my husband to take a few breaks. This was immensely helpful both emotionally and physically. She advocated my wishes to the medical team and helped me prepare for each step of the process.
I highly recommend Josie as a doula!

Anna Renken on my placenta encapsulation services:

Josie is wonderful to work with! We weren’t able to arrange for Josie to pick up our placenta ahead of time as our baby came two weeks early, so we called her from the hospital once our little one arrived and she was able to accommodate us. Josie happily came to the hospital to pick up the placenta, even on such short notice, and had our capsules to us shortly after we arrived at home. Josie is quick and reliable. It was a great experience.

Jamie McClellan on my doula services:

My husband and I are very happy Josie was our doula for the birth of our baby boy. She connected with us right from the start and we felt at ease as she supported us and helped us meet our goals. My delivery was somewhat chaotic once we arrived at the hospital and Josie helped us both stay calm and encouraged us to ask our questions and speak up about our wishes and desires for the birth. It made a difference having Josie as a partner in the whole birth process because her calm, caring and encouraging approach helped me keep my energy calm and focused through labor so that I could achieve the natural childbirth I wanted. I would recommend Josie to anyone who is seeking a partner and support in their birth process to help you meet the goals you have for your birth.


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